ISO certification 9001:2015

BrioMoulds designs and produces moulds in compliance with the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2015.

The company implements its own Quality Management System and focuses on the following key aspects:

- Monitoring of the production process
- Routine maintenance and inspections
- Company design and management software updates
- Training and refresher courses for personnel
- Creation of reports and statistical control techniques
- Analysis and monitoring of feedback collected

The operational headquarters

BrioMoulds has moved its main headquarters to the Oggiono industrial estate to meet the company's increasing space requirements.
The premises include the production site, warehouse and offices.

A modern workplace with lots of natural light, comfortable rooms, and an open-plan office area with views, has created a positive work environment at BrioMoulds.

Technical department

The technical department is an integral part of the production sectors at BrioMoulds, and is committed to creating new innovative solutions and optimising existing products on a daily basis.

Focus on precision is apparent in each production cycle, starting with the design phase using modern software alongside the abilities of our highly-specialist personnel.


We can create your moulds while safeguarding the environment!

As a result of a photovoltaic system covering the company's entire premises we can provide customers with a service that comes with a high level of environmental sustainability, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Cutting-edge technology for rapid processing and high quality

A truly distinctive feature at BrioMoulds is its extensive fleet of cutting-edge machines.

As a result of machine performance, and the fact that these machines can process continuously through the night in the absence of an operator, BrioMoulds can meet the most diverse customer requirements: moulds made in the shortest timescales.

New moulding machine with moving column

With a commitment to continually updating its technology, BrioMoulds has added a new 5-axis MECOF moulding machine with moving column to its production equipment.
The 5-axis MECOF CS500 Moulding Machine is designed for finishing operations on mould holders.

Machine range of travel in mm: X 5.300, Z 2.000, Y 1.250.

An history of experience, quality and innovation

Brio Moulds thanks to the acclaim of customers, more and more encouraged to appreciate the quality of service and molds products, continues with the spirit that distinguishes it from 1997: innovation and quality.

For this reason, do not overlook any detail and innovates its image to confirm their identity-oriented even in the highest possible quality tools for communication.
The new headquarters, the new brand, a new brochure, new website, investment to strengthen the brand and emphasize the attitude with respect to the perfection of its customers with the quality of the image as well as that of the products.
Brio Moulds is the best partner for molds and ideas to make with your own design.

Brio Moulds: Moulds for the industry